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Bible Study

We believe that every Christian is on a life-long journey and requires ongoing nourishment to achieve continuous spiritual growth. Through our Christian Education classes and activities, we establish a foundation for faith in Jesus Christ that will remain in the hearts and minds of our students for their life journey.



Adult Class at 8:45 a.m.

  • Some fear that it will start painful arguments which we would rather avoid.
  • Some fear it because we can’t find the words and we don’t want to be ridiculed or feel foolish.
  • Some fear we don’t have enough information to speak confidently.
  • Some fear that our own lack of confidence will betray us.
  • Some fear hurting others feelings or intruding on others privacy.


The Adult Bible Class meets in Room 104 behind the sanctuary.  Classes promise to include interesting and inspiring discussions.


The Mid-week Bible Study that meets on Monday in room 104A.  LifeLight Bible study course helps keep even the most time challenged of us regularly in God’s Word.  The lessons are formatted to be done over 5 days and 9 weeks.  Class time is spent sharing answers in guided discussion.  Please contact Kathy Nicholson at for more details.

Classes promise to include interesting and inspiring discussions.

ADULT WEEKLY BIBLE STUDY (Thursday Morning at 10:00 a.m.)

Classes promise to include interesting and inspiring discussions. To resume in the Fall.

MEN’S BIBLE STUDY (First Saturday of Month at 7:30 a.m.)

This Men’s Prayer Group is open to all the men of the congregation. They are welcome and encouraged to attend this monthly Prayer meeting that includes breakfast at 7:30 a.m. on the first Saturday of the month.  A combination of prayer, fellowship and discussion about their faith and incorporating it into their role as men in the church family and society. The group is involved in various annual projects, like a Retreat, Servant Event and  Journey Through Bethlehem.



NEW MEMBER CLASSES (as needed) – This class will be conducted as needed after the worship service. These classes are formed as frequent guests seek membership into Good Shepherd and existing members may attend to review the six chief parts of Luther’s Catechism and Good Shepherd’s purpose-driven ministry. Call the church for more details.

Why it is important to join a congregation and become a member:

  • Worship and the Sacrament; growth and study; and prayer are important parts of our relationship with God. LCGS provides regular opportunities for those things.
  • The community of faith is important. We need God but we also need the village God provides in this place. Family is important to us. God made us to be in community. We need that.
  • Furthermore, we are willing to own and support the ministry in this place and be a part of shaping it, maintaining it, and growing it because it is important to God and me, and we can do much more together than we can on our own.

Become a part of our family! Call Pastor Dave at 301-774-9125.

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